Protection sleeves for wires, cables and cable harnesses


Protection sleeves protect against dirt, moisture, extreme temperatures and EMC interference. They are abrasion-resistant, flexible, tensile, fire and chemical resistant, cut-, impact- and bite-resistant and ensure an optical upgrade.


Our protection sleeves are braided and woven hoses made of PET, PA6, silicone, acrylic, fiberglass with and without coatings.

Cutting service

We offer a cutting service for some protection tubes. When processing fiberglass braids, you should make sure to wear gloves to avoid skin irritation. Glass fiber braids are not only very temperature resistant but can also be easily pulled over longer cables or pipes thanks to their very good sliding properties.

Best Practice

Always pay attention to straight cut edges to avoid tearing open the hoses.


Also in the delivery program:


Predective sleeves which can be retrofitted!  Especially practical for quick bundling of cables.