Since 2011, Heinrich Thulesius GmbH & Co. KG has been a 100% subsidiary of the Sumitomo Electric Group. Sumitomo Electric is a corporate group focused on sustainability and we are proud and happy to be part of this global player. The sustainability is expressed in the Sumitomo philosophy, the Sumitomo Spirit, which has been in existence for over 400 years. This is about Banji-nissei (Do your best in everything), Shinyo-kakujitsu (Place importance on integrity) and Fusu-furi (Do not pursue immoral business). This philosophy does not focus on profit maximisation first, but leads to responsible action and economic success as consequences.

We are committed to this ideology.


The Thulesius product range:

Heat shrinkable products, Protection sleeves, Wires & Cables, Insulating tubings, Marking Systems and Cable ties for your structured cabling!


Deliveries in almost all industrial areas of technical applications

We supply cables, wires and technical tubings for mechanical engineering and automotive, medical, food, rail, aviation and military technology.

Our products have the relevant approvals, standards and certificates. Experienced experts in the office and in the field will be happy to answer your questions. 


Reliability is the top priority when dealing with our customers. You will only remain our customers in the long term if you are satisfied with our work. We understood that and so we work every day to always offering the best service.

All of this saves you time, money, storage space, storage interest and opportunity costs. It also saves your nerves and those of your employees in production. Because you can rely on us.


Save time with our reliability!



  • Maximum RELIABILITY for over 70 years
  • Quality in SERVICE & product range
  • Heat shrink products in TOP QUALITY
  • Es stock directly from MANUFACTURER
  • COMPETENT in advice, also on site
  • Many different products from a SINGLE SOURCE
  • Minimum order value only 25,- €

Thulesius History - customer-oriented work for over 70 years

Experience in Cables and Tubings

since 1948

Heinrich Thulesius GmbH & Co. KG has been an experienced supplier of cable and cable components since 1948. As a 100% subsidiary of the Sumitomo Group, we are part of one of the world's largest manufacturers of heat shrink products. In addition, we offer a wide range of cables, wires, cable ties, insulating and protective sleeves. We can supply you with a complete SumiTag labeling system for demanding thermal transfer printing.

Cable Ties haven been produced since 1958.

since 1960

In the Thulesius product range since 1960, they were one of the trailblazers for today's extensive product range, and we have been one of the trailblazers for the success of this product.

100% subsidiary of Sumitomo

since 2011

Direct affiliation of Heinrich Thulesius GmbH & Co. KG to Sumitomo as a 100% subsidiary. You purchase your Sumitomo heat shrink products directly from the manufacturer through us! The company philosophy is just as old as the history of Sumitomo, namely over 400 years. First of all, it's not about profit maximization, but about doing your best, building trusting relationships and only doing clean business. The profit then comes automatically. We feel committed to this "Sumitomo Spirit" out of conviction.

Certified Professionals

Quality cables and tubings for Industry

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