Electrical Insulating Tubing


PVC, PUR, Silicone, PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE and glass fiber, also with UL approval. In order to determine the right combination of high tensile strengths, temperature requirements, solvent and abrasion resistance, a good overview of the materials that can be used is required. We keep an eye on costs and optimal benefits for you. For example, for use in radio networks or in transformers, we have high-quality silicone-reinforced glass fiber braids ready for your application.

Best Practice

Always pay attention to straight cut edges to avoid tearing open the braided tubing. When processing fiberglass braids, you should make sure to wear gloves. Glass fiber braids are not only very temperature resistant but can also be easily pulled on for longer applications thanks to their very good sliding properties!

Nice to know

When comparing technical data, please note that the test values listed in the tables are only minimum requirements of globally recognized testing institutes. The actual values are usually more favorable, sometimes even considerable.