Heat shrinkable products, Protection sleeves, Wires & Cables, Insulating tubings, Marking Systems and Cable ties for your structured cabling!

Since over 70 years

We supply cables, wires and technical tubings for mechanical engineering and automotive, medical, food, rail, aviation and military technology.

Cables & Wires, SPECIAL- & STANDARD


e.g. for measurement, control and regulation technology:

Medical technology (biocompatible, autoclavable), mechanical engineering (also continuously moving), optoelectronics, stage technology (DMX and sound), (special) vehicle construction (lighting, heating, back panel), welding technology (including plastic welding)

From the simple PVC strand to your specific special solutions, you will find your cable here.

Control, data, motor and encoder cables (also for use in energy chains), vehicle cables,

switch wires, standard cables with all known insulation materials

Heatshrinkable tubing (SUMITUBE®), Solder termination sleeve and Crimp connectors (sumiseal®)


Cable insulation, cable protection, corrosion protection, protection against liquids, encapsulation, bundling, preventing fraying (ropes, strands, braids, fabrics), and much more.

Heat shrink tubing SUMITUBE® made of polyolefin, fluoroplastics, elastomer and We supply silicone as well as end caps and solder and crimp connectors SUMISEAL® in the best quality, whether thin-walled or particularly robust.


Approvals: VG, UL, CSA, SAE-AMS-DTL, EN 45545-2, NAS

  • Standard shrink tubing made of polyolefin from 2: 1 to 4: 1 in various colors and designs, also with adhesive coating, end caps, solder and crimp connectors
  • Special shrink tubing made of PTFE, Viton, Kynar for particularly high temperature and chemical resistance

SUMiTAG Marking System


Cable harnesses, switch wires, switch cabinets, metal or plastic housings, nameplates for devices, and much more.

Cable markers, labels, thermal transfer printers, software and ribbons. Everything is specially tailored to your individual application for the best results with easy processing.

Cable markers (heat shrink, silicone and labels, SUMiTAG thermal transfer printer, SUMiTAG software, optimized ribbons

Protection sleeves


Thermal insulation, abrasion protection, impact protection, protection against chemicals, UV protection, protection against weather influences, EMC / EMI protection, cable routing, cable collector, noise reduction, vibration protection

Braided and fabric sleeves made of PET, PA6, silicone, acrylic, glass fiber with and without coating as well as metal braids

  • Also in our program: "open" retrofittable protective sleeves!
  • ALSO USE OUR CUTTING POSSIBILITIES so that you can process your application smoothly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

PET, PA6, silicone, acrylic, glass fiber, braided and fabric hoses with and without coatings. 

Electro insulating tubings


Electrical distribution, vehicle electrical systems, electrical insulation in plant, device, machine, switch cabinet and vehicle construction

In order to determine the right constellation for your insulating sleeving from high tensile strengths, temperature requirements, solvent and abrasion resistance, you need a good overview of the materials that can be used. 

DIN 40621/DIN EN 60684

The withdrawn DIN 40621 has been replaced by DIN EN 60684 parts 1 to 3.

made of PVC, PUR, silicone, PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE and glass fiber, also with UL approval.

Cable ties & accessories


Bundling, holding and fastening of lines, cables and tubings and other objects, packaging aids, transport aids, and much more.

Barlok and QuickLok cable ties made of PA6.6, PE, PP, Tefzel and stainless steel. You get secure quality for reliable installation. Coloured, heat-resistant, UV-stabilized, reusable, also with a labeling field.

Standard and special cable ties, mounting bases, mounting clips, drillers.

This is only an extract from our delivery program. If you cannot find your product online at the moment, do not hesitate to contact us directly.