Heat-Shrinkable Tubings, Solder Termination Sleeves and Crimp Connectors

Would you like a quick overview of Thulesius heat shrink products?

The overview table provides you with information about the individual shrink rates, temperature ranges, approvals, colours, as well as the flexibility of our numerous heat shrink tubings, solder sleeves and crimp connectors.


At THULESIUS you can order more than just an extensive selection of high-quality heat shrink tubing.

In order to be able to process your heat shrink application efficiently, cost-effectively and smoothly: Benefit from our production location in Germany and thus short supply chains.

Best Practice

You probably already know - always start shrinking at one end or from the center outwards. The right shrink devices are hot air devices, infrared lamps, infrared ovens or other heat sources. Pay attention to smooth cut edges when cutting!  

80/20 rule

For an optimal adhesive fit on the wire, cable or metal rod, the shrink tube should be shrunk by a maximum of 80%, but at least by 20% of the materials diameter. The optimal shrink tubing size for your application should be selected accordingly.

The shrink temperatures specified in the data sheets have been selected very carefully. Experienced employees can usually work with shrink temperatures of between 300 °C and 450 °C (depending on the shrink product). This protects the internal products because the shrinking process passes much quicker.